私は BENNU Gallery & Cafe のオーナーのケイトです。
私は21 歳の時、⽚道切符と溢れる好奇⼼を胸に⼈⽣の情熱と⽬的を⾒つけ出すためにイギリスを離れました。



このようなパラドックスがあるからこそ、30 年経った今でも⽇本の芸術や⽂化のニュアンス、素晴らしい⼈々に魅了されているのだと感じています。

北海道の郊外の田舎で⽣活し 、⾃分のスタイルを確⽴してきました。




⽇本の⼈々のその価値観こそが、 私の陶芸における創作のインスピレーションの源で喜びであり、この地で陶芸家として働けることを光栄に思っています。



Hello . I am Kate the owner of Bennu Gallery and Cafe.
I left England aged 21on a one-way ticket and a trusting curiosity to unearth my life’s
passion and purpose.
I found it in the world of art & clay in Japan.
A place where simple handmade vessels are naturally celebrated
and mastering an art is innately revered.
This said, Japanese aesthetics are often unpredictable in their expression of beauty.
Well known to be subtle, refined, austere and poetic yet they are often childlike, cluttered and chaotic.
I sense these paradoxes are why after 30 years I am still enamoured by the arts, the cultural nuances and the wonderful people of Japan.
I have developed my own style through apprenticeship and a relatively isolated Hokkaido life.
Aspiring to create that which fuses my appreciation of the old and the new.
Forms that are strong and easy to use. Rustic yet elegant. Soulful and quirky.
There is such a wide variety of shapes and sizes to play with in the world of ‘Utsuwa’. Food is made and served artfully & playfully and the plates and bowls are often as important as the cuisine. This gives such satisfaction and meaning to creating pots here.
Beauty speaks to us all, though ultimately the user of a piece determines its value and charm.
Japanese customers delight for claywork keeps me inspired and I feel honoured to work as a ceramic artist here.

You will find me creating in my studio during the spring, summer and autumn months;
tending to the gallery and cafe and appreciating the seasonal foods and local lifestyle.
The winter months I travel to explore new places around the world.
Hoping to enrich my taste and keep my work fresh.